July 01, 2018

We are committed to following the rules and one of the important rules is privacy and The Importance of Permission. For that reason, and to be aligned with the ethical players in the industry, we have changed our registration form to have a checkbox so our new users could Accept or Deny if they want to receive email communication from us. 


Kachue's story
June 14, 2018

Kachue started as a financial provider in the state of Florida. With an official license from Florida of financial regulations, Kachue is intended to assist honest and hardworking Americans who need a quick and easy loan. With completely legal and ethical agenda, the main focus of Kachue is to provide an efficient online-only experience that takes less than 5 minutes.
 We are using online verifications, latest technology, and online cooperation with Florida state to restrict the loans to honest and trustworthy folks. By reducing the risk of loans, we could provide the money with the lowest and most competitive interest.
 Please visit or to start your application now.
 We do not take your trust for granted and will do our best to gain your respect.
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First Loan
June 07, 2018

First Loan

June 04, 2018

Kachue is continuing receiving applications. Some nice people from the state of Florida has sent up applications, and we are processing them. To fully comply with Florida office of financial regulations, we could not grant loans for folks who has outstanding loans from other agencies:


Kachue has received its first loan request
May 21, 2018

Today we are celebrating our first request for a loan. We were lucky that a customer from the state of Oklahoma trusted us for her financial need. We are proud of your trust, and we do not take it for granted. 


ACH approved
April 12, 2018

It was a long journey for us. When we established the domain address,, we had no idea there would be so many difficulties in establishing the relationships with financial organizations. It took us four-month (Since December 13th), to establish a relationship with Automated Clearing House . But, we approved today. This was the last piece of the puzzle for us. 


Federal Registration
March 06, 2018

As part of our legal activity in the United States, we have acquired Money Transmitters Part III in the state of Florida. However, banks want us to register at Federal Level for Money Transmitters Services. Today, we are happy to announce with help received from folks in Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, we are listed as Money Service Business


Acknowledgment for IrmaResponse
October 23, 2017

iPronto Systems LLC has been contributed to the work that has been done by by code commits and also app developments for iPhone and Android. We are proud that has been awarded by 5 former presidents in OneAmericaAppeal concert. 


Kachue is licensed
October 17, 2017

Congratulations on your recently approved Money Services Business license with the Office of Financial Regulation!


Equifax approved Kachue as a customer
August 16, 2017

"good morning and congratulations!  Welcome to Equifax."


June 03, 2017

We have started Kachue because we see high-interest rates in the mortgages that are available, the lack of the online services in Florida, and brutal finance rates that are out there.

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